Lust List: Staples

Every woman’s wardrobe should contain some staple pieces that are versatile enough to stay classic season after season. Too often we get caught up in the latest trends and left with a pile of clothes that end up getting shoved into the back of our closets. Don’t worry ladies, I am very guilty of that myself. I’ve put together some pieces that I would like to add to my closet over time. Each piece is multifunctional and can be incorporated into a number of different outfits.

Marc Jacobs Daisy. Every woman should have a signature scent they are known for.
Michael Kors Watch. A classy lady is never late. Plus wearing a classic watch like the one shown above is functional, always in style, and adds a level of sophistication to whatever you are wearing.
Club Monaco Jacket. This jacket in a classic silhouette can be dressed up or down. Pairing it with ballet flats and jeans or a shift dress will add a touch of elegance. 
Longchamp Leather Tote. Whether you’re going to class, commuting to work, or going on an overnight trip, a large tote bag is essential. As women, we tend to carry a lot around with us and it’s important to have a stylish place to put it all. Longchamp makes a variety of totes in nylon but in my opinion, the leather version is sturdier and will help make an outfit look more put together.
Elizabeth Cole Pendant. Accessorize. This long pendant necklace is effortless and beautiful without looking overdone. It’s just enough.
Jcrew Quilted Vest. With the winter months approaching, sometimes you want to keep warm without the bulkiness of a jacket. A vest is perfect to wear on those cool days when you just need a little coverage.