Nina Dobrev’s Favorite Beauty Products

Nina Dobrev’s Favorite Beauty Products
Nina Dobrev has made quite a name for herself – actress, philanthropist, yoga lover and overall down-to-earth girl who always seems up for whatever life throws her way. It’s no secret that Nina is drop dead gorgeous, yet she always manages to look flawless in a very natural way. After reading and listening to interviews, I was able to round up some of her favorite beauty products. Her philosophy (similar to mine) is to switch up her products often before her skin gets too used to them, but she does have a few holy grail items. 
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2. It Cosmetics BYE BYE Under Eye: Being an actress, Nina claims this product does a wonderful job of covering how exhausted she truly is after late nights on set. 
4. CoverGirl Last Blast: Nina has mentioned this mascara in numerous interviews and swears by it’s formula.