Three Ways To Be A Better Blogger

Three Ways To Be A Better Blogger

If you’re a blogger then you know how tedious it can be perfecting our craft. Most people are under the impression that blogging consists solely of writing posts, but anyone who has a blog, or has attempted blogging in the past, knows that couldn’t be further from the truth. Over the past few weeks I have been in the process of creating my blog plan for the new year and looking for ways to take my blog even further. I’ve also been reflecting on the proven methods I’ve used in the past and wanted to share some tips and advice I will be taking into this next year.

Keep a separate blog planner. It may seem like more of a hassle to juggle multiple planners, but my life has been much easier since keeping a separate planner strictly for blogging. Everything I need is in one place, and since the planner is only for my website, I have plenty of space each day to include my daily to-do list. The monthly section of the planner serves as my editorial calendar, and I can quickly see my month at a glance. Since designating a planner for my blog, I’ve noticed an increase in productivity, and I’ve been 10x less likely to forget to send a blog related e-mail, or get an article posted on time.

Plan ahead, but leave room for spontaneity. I am a firm believer in utilizing an editorial calendar and planning ahead. It can become very stressful running around trying to gather props, take photos, and edit a blog post before a deadline, so giving yourself enough time to get everything done beforehand can take away a lot of that stress. With that being said, I feel you should always leave room in your schedule or editorial calendar for spontaneous inspiration. You never know when you’ll feel compelled to write about something completely different than usual, so make sure your schedule allots for creativity. Also, if your too strict with your schedule, blogging can become monotonous, and that kind of goes against what blogging fundamentally is.

Invest in your photography. Now, I’m not suggesting you declare bankruptcy because of your photography set-up, but the quality of your blog photos go a long way. You should always invest time and energy into the text of your article, but photos help enhance and “tell a story” in ways words can’t. High quality, well-styled images are the difference between someone visiting your blog and staying, versus a visitor taking a quick glance and leaving because they aren’t engaged. Investing in your photography doesn’t necessarily mean running out and buying a DSLR. Yes, a DSLR will greatly improve the quality of your photos, but so will taking the time to position products a particular way and utilizing natural sunlight.

I hope these tips were helpful, and please let me know if you have any questions regarding blogging. I would love to organize a Q&A blog post, so please leave your questions below. Be sure to check out the previous two posts from my Blogger Series; Blogger Guide To: iPhone Apps & Blogger Guide To: Twitter Chats.

  • Great post, Teresa!! I am a long time follower of your Instagram and I'm absolutely in love with you photography. Any tips you can provide on blog photos would be wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you so much Deborah! You are too kind. I will definitely plan a post dedicated to blog photography! Stay tuned! xo

  • Great advice! I've tried to incorporate these tips into my own blogging process and found them to be really helpful, the planner especially!

  • Wendy Browne

    I really need a planner. I'm getting too many review products and not getting things done orderly enough.

  • RuthyB1

    Great post! I'm a relatively new blogger so I love this type of post, can I ask which camera you would recommend??

  • Sarah Henson

    Great post lovely! I totally agree with a planner, it is life saving for me!