Creating A Gallery Wall with Minted

Creating A Gallery Wall with Minted

When my boyfriend and I first moved into our apartment, we tried our best to purchase everything we needed from the very start. A few months into living together, we both agreed “Wow, our walls are bare”. Somehow throughout the move-in process, we completely neglected to purchase any art for the home. From that moment on, every time we were out shopping, we searched for the perfect pieces, and failed time after time. It got to the point that we basically just gave up, and accepted our sad white walls. Almost two years later, I was introduced to a beautiful solution, Minted is a marketplace of independent artists who sell their designs, from art to stationery to curtains. Minted sources it’s pieces through on-going art competitions. Since Minted is made up of so many different artists and designers, the number of styles available are endless. Regardless of your personal home decor style, you are basically guaranteed to discover an artist with a similar design aesthetic to yours.

While we still have many white walls to tackle, we wanted to create the gallery wall above our kitchen island. We live on the second floor, so the first thing you see when coming up from the staircase is our marble island. We wanted to create a gallery wall that was eye-catching, yet inviting. Before selecting the artwork, we decided it would be best to come up with a “theme”. I’m extremely girly, but since our apartment still needs to be “man-friendly”, we agreed we would select a more neutral palette, with small pops of color to satisfy my style.

{Artwork from left to right, top to bottom: Palm Study #2, Dessert, Unearthed, Wake II, The Worldwide Web, Zebra Tile, Reach, Pink Cactus, & Neutral Chevrons}

A little tip when creating a gallery wall? Create an inspiration board in photoshop to get an idea of how your artwork will look together. You may even want to print it out to use as a reference guide when hanging your pieces.

Aside from offering beautiful artwork, Minted solves another artwork dilemma I am all too familiar with. Framing. I can’t even begin to tell you how many illustrations and prints I have sitting in drawers because I never got around to purchasing a frame. At Minted, you can opt to have your art framed for you. They have quite the selection to choose from, and the feeling of receiving ready to hang artwork is incredible, trust me.

When it came time to actually hang the art, I enlisted the help of my father. All you need to create a gallery wall is a measuring tape, pencil, hooks, hammer, and a level. Before beginning we intended to be strict about measurements, but gallery walls are supposed to have a little personality, so don’t be afraid if it’s not exactly perfect. As long as everything is straight and placed in the order you want, it’ll still look beautiful even if a few frames are a couple inches off.

Minted was kind enough to offer Money Can Buy Lipstick readers an exclusive giveaway! Now you can create the gallery wall of your dreams too! Click the photo below for your chance to win $250 to Minted.


The giveaway ends one week from today, November 13th. Good luck! xo

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