Best of Nordstrom Sale

Best of Nordstrom Sale

The holidays might be coming to an end, but now that means it’s time to spend those holiday gift cards! Nordstrom is currently hosting their Half Yearly Sale, and the prices are too good to pass up. Some items are up to 50% off! I mean, how could you resist? Below I rounded up some of my favorite pieces from the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale. You can click the icon on the images (+) to shop the photos directly.

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Purse | Earrings | Hat | Cardigan | Mascara Set | Planner | Boots | Clutch
Necklace | Makeup Pouch | Tote | Choker | Velvet Top | Pillow | Sports Bra



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Dresses & Rompers

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Jackets & Outerwear

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Pants & Denim

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Home Decor

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Embellished Pillow | Glasses | Pom Pom Throw | Sheets | Le Cruset
Baskets | Blanket | Art | Mugs | Candle


Will you be shopping the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale?


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  • I’m loving those rain booties. I’m definitely checking out the nordstrom sale right now
    The Color Palette

  • Brigette Collins

    I love that Metallic Minaudière cross body purse! So cute! Great choices!