Will You Accept This Rose? | Bachelor Recap

Will You Accept This Rose? | Bachelor Recap

I have been watching The Bachelor for years, and I don’t think I have ever looked away from the TV as many times as I did during this last week’s episode. Almost every second of the episode was completely cringe-worthy, especially the first group date. First of all, I don’t think it’s ever OK for Nick to kiss a girl in front of the other girls. Second, watching almost every girl on that date forcefully and embarrassingly try to kiss Nick during their photoshoot was uncomfortable, and forgive me, pretty pathetic. I don’t mean to be harsh, I just hate that these girls feel they need to force chemistry. You either click or don’t.

I’m honestly worried about this season at this point. I was unbelievably excited that Nick was chosen as The Bachelor, but it does seem like all of the relationships so far are superficial. I know it was only week two but the conversations were so shallow and almost everyone was leading with their sexuality (cough, Corrine, cough). I honestly don’t even want to dive too deep into Corrine because I know she was just put there to be this season’s villain. There is no way anyone could seriously behave that way. I just think she’s immature, and on the show for all of the wrong reasons.

On to the one-on-one. I have to say I really like Danielle, and she seems like a complete sweetheart. While I think she will make it pretty far, I can’t see her ending up with Nick. And if she does, I feel like they will probably break-up shortly after. She kind of reminds me of Whitney from Chris Soules’ season. It was really refreshing to see Nick engaging in an actual adult conversation with someone though, and I’m glad she felt comfortable opening up about her (tragic) past. She does seem the most committed to the process.

During the second group date, I kind of felt bad for Liz, but I do think it was best that she left. Nick clearly had his guard up as soon as she step foot out of that limo, so there was no chance of building a relationship. Nick should have addressed it with the ladies from the beginning, and I’m sure everything is about to blow up in his face during tonight’s episode (which I can’t wait to watch).

Who’s watching tonight?

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  • I felt the exact same way with Danielle reminding me of Whitney! I think you’re probably right on track too; she seems genuine and very sweet, but like you, I don’t see her ending up with Nick. One of the girls that I like (off the top of my head) is Raven, the sweet country girl. I can’t see her making it to the end either, but I appreciate her personality.