How To Always Give The Perfect Gift

How To Always Give The Perfect Gift

In partnership with Papyrus.

Something I have always taken pride in is being a thoughtful gift giver. To me, it’s a great way to show someone how much I love and appreciate them. I have always been someone who loves to give, and I love watching the joy on a person’s face as they read a card I wrote them, or open a gift I picked out for them. Today, I’ve partnered with Papyrus to share their newest collaboration with Judith Leiber, and my four tips for always giving the perfect gift, starting with finding the perfect card.

1. Start with the card. I always wonder how people forget to buy a card, or consider it an afterthought. Personally, I think the card is the most important part of the gift. It’s a way to express your feelings of love or appreciation towards someone, and it says the words that a gift simply cannot.

The collection of cards Papyrus designed with Judith Leiber are literally gifts within themselves. Each card features hundreds of shimmering gems, inspired by Judith Leiber’s signature evening bags. They truly are works of art. I recently gave a card from the collection to my friend, and it took her quite a while to move onto the gift because she was completely blown away by the card. As both a lover of Judith Leiber and Sex and the City, I actually have the cupcake design framed in my office. (In the first movie, Charlotte’s daughter wore the original purse that inspired the card.)

2. Plan ahead. Don’t wait until the last possible second. When you rush to buy a gift you usually end up with something that doesn’t truly represent the person. Or you could end up having to give a baby shower card to a bride, or a gold glitter gift bag to your grandpa. If you know you have a birthday or event coming up, start thinking of ideas right away. I’ve started buying gifts, cards, and wrapping paper in advance lately, and it’s so much less stressful then having to run around the day of a party.

3. Be thoughtful. Think about the person you’re buying for. You don’t have to buy the most expensive gifts to be the best gift-giver, you just have to be thoughtful. Think of the person’s interests and hobbies. When shopping for a gift I like to think of any recent conversations I had with the person to see if they left any clues as to what they want or need.

4. Presentation. Once you’ve found the perfect gift, you have two options. You can get really lazy and hand it over as is (which I do not recommend), or you find the perfect way to wrap it. Wrapping the gift is actually one of my favorite parts because you can get really creative. When you walk into Papyrus, it is wrapping paper heaven. They can even wrap it for you if wrapping isn’t your strong suite. Lately I have been on a gift box kick, and love creating personalized gift boxes for my friends and family.

The Judith Leiber collection is part of the Papyrus Designer Collaboration series which also includes designers like Lela Rose and Zang Toi. It’s truly an elevated card and gifting experience. The collection is available online at, and at select retailers.

I love being able to show someone how special they are to me through gifting. Being a great gift-giver is a reputation that I definitely don’t mind having. What’s your favorite part about giving?

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    These are really cool!


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    the swan card is an absolute stunner!

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    Okay these cards are breathtaking! I love the Swan one and it would be perfect for my best friend. (Her last name is Swan!) Also I am loving all your tips!

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  • these are some great tips!! i need to get better!!

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    These cards are so pretty! I always make sure and write thank-you cards for my family members when I receive a gift.

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    I have a few of these cards too, they’re so beautiful in person! Love your pics!

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    These cards are THE cutest and I love giving them, too!

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